Thank you for visiting today to learn more about my photography and me.  My passion for photography started when I began my family. I want to capture every moment in life so that it can be passed from generation to generation. God has given me a gift to look through a camera and see more than just someone or something sitting there. God made everyone and everything different. I want to capture that difference, the individuality of each and every person that I have the opportunity to photograph.

It is not who you know or what you do in life that matters, it is how you live. Photographs tell the story of how you live and are something that can be passed to each generation to remember that story. We may not be known throughout the world, but we still have a life that should be remembered by our children’s, children’s children.

I work on location, which simply means that I come to you at a location of your choosing. I am considered a photojournalist, since all that I generally bring to a photo shoot is my camera, on board flash, and myself. I prefer to use natural lighting so I do not bring large lighting setups. If I need a little extra light I use my flash. I allow my clients to create their own unique session so that their personality and individuality shines through to the camera.

I am available for portraits (single and groups), sporting events, birthdays, and any other events that require a photographer. Please view my gallery and contact me so that we can set an appointment to capture the memories of your life.